DeCalon DCI 

DeCalonTM (DCI) uses electro-chemistry and a patented intelligent controller to remove water hardness from cooling systems without the need for hazardous chemicals. The result is a green technology solution to scaling and corrosion in large building HVAC systems and industrial chiller circuits. Below are a few of the benefits of using the DeCalon.

  • Zero Chemicals

  • Up to 10% - 25% Less Energy Usage

  • Up to 50% in Water Savings

  • Removes existing scale from the system

  • Easy Installation with no outage required

How the DCI works

DCI Brochure

System evaluation questionnaire 

Modern Building

Download and complete the questionnaire and send to for evaluation


Download and complete the questionnaire and send to for evaluation

Case studies

Keppel Bay Tower


Click below to read how the DeCaIon™ (DCI) system, when integrated into cooling towers, increases the chiller plant's energy efficiency, energy savings, and water savings.


  • 7% Chiller Energy Savings

  • 81% Blow down water reduction

  • Chemical not required

  • Auto-tube system disabled

  • Total Plate count and no Legionella Bacteria Detected

SMI Tech


Click below to review SIMTech's performance assessment of the DCI on energy monitoring and efficiency analysis for the high energy consumption cooling water systems.


  • 17.5% Energy Savings

  • Chemicals not required

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Stability in cleanroom Temperature & Humidity